That's Sooooo Matty!

Thread Raiders 7

That's Sooo Matty-Ep7

News! Games! Obsessions! Boxes!

Today we are joined by the kindest, big heartistest, friendliest friend and proud member of the TraidRaiders.....your friend and mine.... Matty!!!


Matty is an Idahoan living the life with his husband and 3 furbabies. He's an aspiring author that's been writing a 3 novel "High Fantasy" trilogy set in his own Homebrew D&D world. He started playing AD&D First Edition when he was 14 and is a lover of all things RPG/TableTop gaming. Whether it's battling a Red Dragon in a D&D 5E campaign or connecting train routes across America in Ticket to Ride, he's generally at his happiest at a table playing games. Though, nothing would describe him better than a pure optimist that sees all the best in the people and places around him. He can be found playing in Threads of Fate Fridays 4pm PST 7pm EST at He is also running Vampire the Masquerade One Shots at

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